What’s New On… (Decider)

Your friendly film and television review blogger here reminding you that each month your favorite streamers add and subtract content. The easiest way to keep track of what’s coming (and what’s leaving – yikes watch it tonight)) is to follow a website which posts the information. Decider does a great job and you can subscribe to their weekly email so there’s no missing a month. They send out emails alerting you to what’s new this weekend as well as a monthly round-up of all the content streamers are changing. From Decider,

Here’s to the streamin’ weekend! It’s Friday already, which means you’re about to enter some beautiful bingeing territory. Get ready for some top-notch movies and shows to hit your favorite platforms. This weekend, two of last year’s biggest blockbusters, STAR WARS: THE LAST JEDI and the truly terrifying IT – are arriving on Netflix and HBO, respectively. If you’re more in the mood to binge something, get ready for GLOW: Season 2, and the second installment of hilarious baking show NAILED IT,  addicting political thriller Secret City, the latest season of Supergirl, and more.

Follow Decider.

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