‘The Great British Baking Show’ Will Help You Through The 2018 Garbage Fire (Decider)

This headline pretty much sums up how I feel about life. The world is literally crumbling around us. I’m horrified to be witnessing the destructive anti-human behavior of the vial Trump Administration and his Republican sellouts. So I fight when I can, work to keep food on my table, and laugh and love because these assholes are not going to take away my beautiful life. Part of my laughter and love comes from escaping to the movies – and television shows. My very favorite escape is The Great British Baking Show. Decider sums up my feelings perfectly,

But there’s one show that can always be counted on to be kind during even the most terrifying news stories. If you need a break from the waking nightmare that is 2018, you need to watch The Great British Baking Show.

Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood’s little baking show is just so nice… Each hour The Great British Baking Show shows another batch of normal, everyday people pursuing their dreams in between their day-to-day lives. They’re not trying to become the next best baker of all time. Some of the contestants don’t even seem interested in showing off. They just want to impress their baking idols, challenge themselves, and have some fun in the process. Plus there’s no mention of Donald Trump in any episode. In fact, the competition show is so far removed from Trump and politics as a whole, it sometimes feels like it exists in a completely separate, happier timeline. It’s wonderful.

Such a wonderful show. America’s Season 5 just started streaming for free on PBS.org and their app.

Read more on Decider.


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