The Bureau: Season 1, Episode 1

Caught the first episode tonight of the French spy thriller, The Bureau.  It’s really, really good. If you have ever been a fan of Homeland or The Americans or any spy film, you will want to check this out. From Vulture,

When it comes to high-stakes TV spy thrillers, sure, Homeland and The Americans have delivered their share of riveting moments.

But by far the series practicing the best spycraft these days is France’s The Bureau. An intricately plotted show rooted in real-world geopolitical events, it follows agents operating within the DGSE intelligence service, the Gallic version of the CIA. Mathieu Kassovitz (Amélie, Munich) stars as Guillaume “Malotru” Debailly, an undercover agent recalled to Paris after six years in Syria, who can’t quite give up his alias. Suffering from le syndrome du clandestin — post-mission disorder — Guillaume tries to adjust to a quotidian work life supervising agents, and reconnecting with his teenage daughter, Prune. His life becomes more complicated when he discovers Nadia El Mansour, the married professor with whom he was having an affair in Damascus, is in Paris.

Here are four other reasons to check out the show the French Syndicate of Cinema Critics named France’s best TV series tout de suite on subscription service Sundance Now.

I caught The Bureau on DVD from the library. If you don’t have a subscription to Sundance Now, ask your library to order the series. Foreign television does very well in our system. I’m not going to continue watching the series, because for some reason, I’m not connecting with it, but it’s extremely well-done. 3 out of 5.

Read the full article on Vulture.

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