Cable’s Netflix bundling deals aren’t stopping customers from cutting the cord (Mashable)

The statistics for people in the U.S. cutting the cord continues to be staggering. From Mashable,

They’ve tried to play nice. They’ve tried to play hardball. But nothing the cable companies do is stopping the affliction terrorizing the TV industry.

The cord cutters are here — and they’re spreading.

Cable providers have been wringing their hands and pulling out deal after deal to try to keep cable TV subscribers. Most recently, they started bundling Netflix subscriptions with cable packages (because bundling is totally something customers don’t hate at all).

But a new report from eMarketer shows that their tactics aren’t panning out. Not only is the rate of TV watchers opting for Over The Top (OTT) service on the rise — where they just watch internet TV providers like Netflix, instead of paying for cable — it’s also accelerating faster than projected growth rates.

Projections put the number of cord cutters — adults who cancel pay TV, opting instead for OTT — at 33 million, which is 32.8 percent of TV watchers. That exceeds 2017 projections of 27.1 million, at 22 percent.

Read the full article at Mashable.

2 Responses to “Cable’s Netflix bundling deals aren’t stopping customers from cutting the cord (Mashable)”

  1. Valerie Fredericks Says:

    Snip. I joined the crowd last week. Thinking of turning my old satellite dish into a planter, or maybe a bird bath.


    • reelcharlie Says:

      Yea! Congrats Val! Welcome to the world of no commercials! And avoiding conversations of TV shows currently airing because you won’t see them for awhile. It’s good to let go of that bill!


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