Spike Lee Reacts to Never Winning an Oscar, Asks ‘Who’s Still Watching’ 1990 Best Picture ‘Driving Miss Daisy?’ (Indiewire)

I’ve always loved Spike Lee and am constantly in shock at how underrated his career has been. Now that the past year plus has transpired, I can’t help but realize how much this has to do with racism and the white stranglehold on Hollywood. If you haven’t seen the following Spike Lee films, you’re in for a real treat:

Do the Right Thing (Spike’s breakout film)
Malcolm X (his biopic)
Crooklyn (he nailed my childhood)
He Got Game (sports and kids)
Summer of Sam (NYC love fest)
Bamboozled (crazy good)
25th Hour (post-9/11 NYC) 
Inside Man (crazy good)

Read the article referenced in the post title over at Indiewire.

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