The Fosters: Season 5 (The Final Season)

Spoiler alert: Saying goodbye always hurts, but saying goodbye to a sweet-natured, ground-breaking, full of realness family drama such as The Fosters always feels bittersweet. I’m certainly glad they went out with a bang. Prolonging a series, as American television tends to do (Supernatural: Season 14!) never ends pretty. Leaving a show when there’s still room to love and admire is always a sure bet. Peter Paige and Bradley Bredeweg’s beautiful drama about a blended family of foster, adopted and biological children headed by a same-sex female couple proved to be a wonderful five-year journey full of love and laughter, heartache and tears, and joyful celebrations of growing up in a brave new world. The Fosters gives me hope there is still time left for humans to come together and repair the damage we’ve done to the planet and each other. The Fosters gave us another Darren in the form of Jesus, complicated and beautiful examples of loving your exes, all sorts of trouble teens can get into, cancer, death, and everything in-between. The final season gave us immigration center stage and a big nod to Six Feet Under. But instead of seeing how each character dies in the future, we instead witness the high school graduations of each of the characters. Then fast forward five years to the final three episodes setting up the arc for a spin-off series. Yes, The Fosters creates its own Rhoda and Phyllis in the form of Mariana and Callie. Lovely and fun, The Fosters proved major comfort food for me since 2013. I wish the girls well on their spin-off. 4 out 5.

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