Balancing Act

I’ve been trying desperately to catch up here on Reel Charlie since returning from vacation two weeks ago. My new job at the library is wonderful, but it takes up more of my time and energy because I’m doing my old and new job simultaneously. Hopefully not forever. Meanwhile, I am getting anxious about the blog which has been a labor of love going on nine years now. So a heads up, I may not post every day for a while. I will post several times a week or at least once or twice a week. I’m going to try and focus on reviews since that’s why I started Reel Charlie in the first place. I’m watching the new season of Orange is the New Black and hopefully will have some movie reviews this weekend. I’m posting this mainly to give myself a break, since according to everyone who knows me, no one is harder on me than me. That said, I love to watch film and television and love to blog about it. Just need to cut myself a break during this transition. XO and happy viewing.

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