The Great British Baking Show: Season 5

Season 5 of The Great British Baking Show (Brits Series 3) continues the feel-good nature of the series making this my all-time favorite competition show ever produced. Paul and Mary are back as judges with Mel and Sue as presenters. Twelve contestants start off the 10-week challenge with only one of them being crowned Britain’s best amateur baker. Lovely group of contestants once again. Sort of shocking the final three which I suppose proves the show is not altered for balance. I was very happy with the winner, the sweetest one of all. PBS streams the show free online and through their app. The episodes don’t last for long, but a membership to Passport – PBS’ access to all their streaming content is the same as making a yearly donation to the channel. Think of all the baking you can watch 24/7 along with news, nature programming, and those addictive Masterpiece Mysteries. Meanwhile, I’m chomping at the bit for Season 6. The Great British Baking Show is the Calgon of television series. It “takes me away” from all my worries and strife. Thank you! 5 out of 5 for this perennial favorite.

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