Trump and The Wire (Washington Monthly)

As the Trump administration continues to implode while simultaneously pretending that everything is the opposite of what it truly is (Guliani: “Truth isn’t truth”), this article comparing Trump’s players to characters on The Wire is nothing short of genius. Thanks Dennis! From Washington Monthly,

Here’s the article comparing The Wire and Trump.
Here’s the comparison:
  • Avon Barksdale is Vladimir Putin
  • Lt. Cedric Daniels (who is in charge of the Barksdale investigation) is Robert Mueller
  • Detective Jim McNulty is the (sometimes rogue) James Comey
  • Detective Lester Freeman is Christopher Steele
  • Senator Clay Davis is Donald Trump
  • Deputy Police Commissioner Ervin Burrell represents all of Trump’s congressional enablers

Does that mean from now on, when we refer to Trump, we can simply say, “Shhheeeeeeetttt!
Read the full article.
See a sampling of Clay Davis from The Wire on YouTube.

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