You can opt out of Netflix’s new ads. Here’s how (CNET)

From CNET,

We interrupt your binge watch to bring you this important message. Similar to messages from the Emergency Broadcast System cutting in during your TV viewing, Netflix has begun showing trailers for its shows in between the episodes you are currently watching or bingeing. To be clear, it is only testing what amounts to in-house ads on only a segment of its subscribers at the present, but all users are automatically opted in to the test. Thankfully, you can politely and quickly opt out of these trailers interrupting your binge watch.

To opt out, you will need to access Netflix in a browser on a computer, tablet or phone; you can’t opt out of the ads with the Netflix app.

With Netflix open in a browser, tap the hamburger button in the top left (on mobile) or click your profile picture in the top right (on a computer) and then choose Account. On  the Account page, scroll down to the Settings section and select Test participation. You will see a single toggle switch for Include me in tests and previews. Toggle it Off and then click or tap Done.

Read the full article on CNET.
Binge on.

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