The Good Fight: Season 1

I’m going out on a high note at the end of August 2018. Finally, finally, finally watched the first season of The Good Fight, the sequel to the delectable The Good Wife. The Good Fight begins on Inauguration Day 2017. And then proceeds to spin out of control in a very good way. This is Christine Baranski’s star turn. She has always been and continues to be brilliant as Diane Lockhart. Along for the glorious ride areĀ Rose Leslie, Cush Jumbo, Delroy Lindo, Erica Tazel, Sarah Steele, Nyambi Nyambi, Michael Boatman, Audra McDonald, Bernadette Peters, Gary Cole, Carrie Preston, and Matthew Perry. Powerful cast, great stories, juicy sub-plots, a strong, out, lesbian character. And every episode explores an area of our culture and the law Trump has altered. Kudos to the writers. I love this kind of intelligent entertainment. 5 out of 5.

Did I mention how much I adore Carrie Preston and her Elsbeth character? Pure genius.
Did I mention how much I love Sarah Steele? She needs her own show.

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