Ideal Home

I was all set to hate Andrew Fleming’s (Dick, The Craft) Ideal Home, the gay male version of the unwanted kid who shows up on a couple’s doorstep and chaos ensues. In this case Erasmus (Steve Coogan) had a dalliance with a woman in the 80’s who created a son, and then the son had his own son and now Erasmus is a granddad. Paul (Paul Rudd) has been with Erasmus for ten years. They are one of those annoyingly bickering couples. Queue the bitchy queen stereotype. But the film digs deeper than this, aided by solid acting from Coogan and Rudd. It’s an odd film, a Hollywood project which played at the LGBT film festivals around the country this past year. Ideal Home should be commended for its no big deal the couple just happens to be gay vibe. The pacing however felt slow to me. And no real risks were taken with the story. Parts of it felt real and honest. Most of it felt staged for audiences. 3 out of 5.

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