The Sinner: Season 1

It’s been twelve days since I finished watching The Sinner: Season 1. I have in those twelve days forgotten the ending of the series. This is part of the reason why I blog. And normally blog immediately after watching something. I used to forget things a year or so later. But 12 days? WTF. Ok, so I liked Jessica Biel. I liked Bill Pullman. I remember it being a bit cerebral and more complicated than it appeared from the start. And psychologically torturous. The actual story was interesting but obviously not memorable. Either that or I’ve been massively distracted which I haven’t. So what I remember I enjoyed, but not enough to remember everything. Confused? You should spend time in my brain. 3 out of 5.

One Response to “The Sinner: Season 1”

  1. thejewels18 Says:

    LOL 😸❤


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