A Star is Born (2018)

Another generation, another A Star is Born. Most of you know I am a huge fan of the middle two remakes. Judy Garland and Barbra Streisand both did an insanely outstanding job inhabiting their characters. I gave each film a perfect score. So there’s that. Then there are the over-the-top accolade reviews for this new incarnation, making me very afraid I would end up hating it. Still I decided to go to the movies today – thanks to my friend Claudia who helped with a nudge. And so here we are.

First let me say I’ve never been pulled into a film so early as I was with Bradley Cooper’s A Star is Born. The title sequence is perhaps the best I’ve seen in recent years, capturing perfectly what is to be. Matthew Libatique should win an Oscar for his delicious cinematography. Bradley Cooper gave major Kris Kristofferson realness as Jack. Cooper’s dual roles directing and acting blended perfectly. Lada Gaga blew me away. Her acting comes so naturally and what she can do with an eye movement and how that is captured by Cooper and Libatique had me mesmerized through most of the film. The decision to turn her Ally into a Jennifer Lopez-type performer shocked me. I never expected that. But after a moment of feeling uncomfortable, I got it. They wanted to show how narrow the line becomes between selling out and having a big career. It turned out to be a perfect choice. The energy in the concert scenes felt as real as any concert I’ve been to. They performed live at Stagecoach Festival, Glastonbury Festival, and Coachella. Those choices created honest, magical moments for the film. Off-stage, the chemistry between Cooper and Gaga felt effortless. I cried during several scenes and was so enthralled I didn’t even hear a phone ring across the theater until about ten people started yelling because the person took the call. Cooper’s Star is packed with the kind of power one can only hope for when they create art. Whether the volume turns up loud, quiet, or somewhere in-between, his A Star is Born stands tall next to the other versions as the film to beat this year at the Oscars. I left the theater thinking, “almost perfect.” The film dragged towards the end of the second act. At 2 hours 17 minutes, surely they could have tightened things up a bit. Other than that, I am hooked. 4.5 out of 5.

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3 Responses to “A Star is Born (2018)”

  1. Ann Wright Says:

    can’t wait to see it!  


  2. thejewels18 Says:

    Oh my yes…loved it. Your perfect review says it best. Sizzling chemistry between the leads and the supporting characters do their jobs beautifully. Haven’t cried throughout a movie in ages, good cathartic storytelling. Yum!


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