Fauda: Season 2

If you don’t think I can stomach a violent show, listen to me praise Fauda. Season 2 of this outstanding Israeli television series packs a mighty punch. Not for the squeamish, Fauda leaves me perched on the edge of my seat, heart racing, muscles tense, wondering what could possibly happen next. Why do I like this show? Because it wears its genre intelligently. There’s nothing gratuitous or snarky about Fauda’s violence. Its gut-wrenching war between the Israelis and Palestinians showcases anger, revenge, despair and a smidgen of hope. Doron’s back as the rogue IDF agent who breaks all the rules and loses so many loved ones. His team vacillates between worshiping him and hating him. Joining Doron are Walid, Shirin, Gabi, Gali, Naor, Nurit, and the uber-sexy Steve. Every episode is sophisticated, complicated, and unbelievable. These characters got into my soul. 5 out of 5 for the crazy good Fauda.

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