Report: LGBTQ Characters of Color Outnumber White Counterparts on TV (Advocate)

Great news on all kinds of LGBTQ representation via GLAADs’ (Gay and Lesbian Alliance Against Defamation) Where We Are On TV Report 2018. From Advocate,

For the first time, LGBTQ characters of color outnumber white LGBTQ characters on broadcast television.

This was one of the major findings from GLAAD’s latest Where We Are on TV report, which examines diversity on network, cable, and streaming television in the 2018-2019 season.

The report found that a record-setting 8.8 percent of all series regulars on broadcast TV are LGBTQ, which is an increase from last year’s amount (6.4 percent). In another marker of progress over the previous year, these characters are nearly split between male and female, with women comprising 49.6 percent of these roles.

There have also been improvements in racial representation; 50 percent of LGBTQ characters are people of color, and 49 percent are white. Moreover, in the past year, representation has increased for bisexual (117 from 93), transgender (26 from 16), and HIV-positive (seven from two) characters.

The majority of LGBTQ characters on streaming services were found on Netflix, while FX boasted the most LGBTQ diversity on cable TV. At present, there are 208 LGBTQ characters on cable and 112 on streaming, which is nearly double last year’s count of 65.

Read the full article on Advocate.
Read the full report on GLAAD.

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