Toni Collette’s new British television series Wanderlust elegantly examines the idea of open marriage. But that’s just the surface. Dig deeper and you’ll find meditations on loss, grief, and missed opportunities. Colette and Stephen Macintosh plays 40-something couple Joy and Alan Richards caught at the precipice of an important decision in their 20 year marriage. After admitting they no longer find each other sexually attractive, do they stay together while opening up their marriage to other partners? Fascinating look at something many of us have experienced and yet few speak of publicly. I found Wanderlust effortlessly entertaining. The three adult children have their own experimentation of sorts and find themselves deliriously happy when they open themselves up to the possibility of love. Enchanting and brilliantly acted with a powerhouse cast. Collette is one of those actors I could watch read a phone book. Lucky for us, Wanderlust gives so much more. And only 6 episodes, it’s an easy commitment. 5 out of 5.

Streaming now on Netflix.

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