The Good Fight: Season 2

Watched the first five episodes of The Good Fight: Season 2 which dropped on DVD this week. I adored this show when it premiered in 2017. Starting off with the Trump inauguration, I felt it hit all the right notes including balancing fun, juicy stories with the serious work of the law. Unfortunately something happened between seasons one and two. The show lost its bite. It feels more soap and less drama. That’s not necessarily a bad thing (stay tuned for my Delicious review coming later this week). But in the case of The Good Fight, great stories succumbed to absurdity. Diane keeps Kurt at bay, Cush discovers she’s pregnant and keeps Colin at bay, Maia ends up almost going to prison, Maia’s partner all but disappears, Barbara leaves the firm for no reason, Marissa struggles to fit in, Liz shows up and then disappears… this list goes on and on. Even Rob Reiner guest starred. Still loving the cast, but the writers aren’t giving anyone enough to sink their teeth into. Damn shame. I loved the first season. Oh well. 2 out of 5. Next.

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