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Looking: The Movie (take 2)

September 21, 2018

Everyone leaves a bit of their heart in San Francisco. Read Reel Charlie’s full report on the wrap-up movie for Looking by clicking on the image below.


Looking: Season 1 (take 5)

January 14, 2018

Read my full review of Looking: Season 1. Simply gorgeous.

Happy Birthday to Me (2017)

November 16, 2017

No, I’m not 2017 years old. I just feel like it some days. I’m in the air on my birthday this year. I thought it might be fun to post something like this:

If you really love me, you’ll watch a film by at least one of these directors sometime in November:

Alfred Hitchcock
Andrea Arnold
Andrew Haigh
Barbara Streisand
Cheryl Dunye
Christopher Guest
Dee Rees
Derek Jarman
Douglas Sirk
Eytan Fox
Ferzan Ozpetek
Glenn Gaylord
Gurinder Chadha
Ilene Chaiken
Ingrid Jungermann
James Ivory
Jill Soloway
John Cameron Mitchell
John Greyson
John Sayles
John Waters
Kenneth Lonergan
Lisa Cholodenko
Lisa Gornick
Lynne Ramsay
Mike Leigh
Mira Nair
Nicole Holofcener
Pedro Almodovar
Peter Paige
Rikki Beadle Blair
Robert Altman
Spike Lee
Stephen Frears
Susan Seidelman
Todd Haynes
Tom McCarthy
Ventura Pons
Xavier Dolan

It’s good to have choices.

The Criterion Collection: Reel Charlie’s Top 17

September 15, 2017

Whenever I see a famous person list their favorite Criterion films, I wonder what my list would look like? I took a shot at this back in 2012. Criterion’s been adding films monthly so my favorites list is ever-evolving. Currently I have a list of 17 must-see films from Criterion’s Collection. If you have access to Kanopy, you can see these films any time.

Reel Charlie’s 17 favorite Criterion releases (in alpha order):

All That Heaven Allows
A Christmas Tale
Desert Hearts
Fox and His Friends
Howards End
The Ice Storm
In the Mood for Love
Monsoon Wedding
My Beautiful Laundrette
A Room With a View
Rosemary’s Baby
The Times of Harvey Milk
Weekend (Haigh)
Women on the Verge of a Nervous Breakdown


Honorable Mention:

Being There
Do the Right Thing
Fish Tank
Frances Ha
The Great Beauty
Grey Gardens
La haine
The Lady Eve
Mildred Pierce
Shallow Grave
Three Colors: Blue
Valley of the Dolls

Explore all Criterion films at their website.

The 20 Best LGBTQ Movies of the 21st Century (Indiewire)

September 5, 2017

From Indiewire,

“Moonlight.” “The Handmaiden.” “Carol.” The last few years have not only brought LGBTQ films and stories further into the mainstream, but queer films have dominated awards seasons and found commercial success. This has been a long time coming: The New Queer Cinema was a major influence on the indie film boom of the ’90s, and set the bar high for the many queer films to follow.

From the list of 20, Reel Charlie favorites include,

Far From Heaven
I Killed My Mother
The Kids Are All Right
Hedwig and the Angry Inch
Stranger by the Lake

Click on the film titles above to read Reel Charlie’s reviews.
Read Reel Charlie’s Best Gay Films 2010 – 2015.
See the complete list at Indiewire.

Looking: Season 1 (take 3)

December 10, 2016

Love being able to binge on Looking: The Complete Series and the Movie on Blu-ray. Watching Season 1 again after seeing The Movie and Season 2 turned out to be a lovely treat. So many kernels position which germinate in later episodes. Simply delicious. Click on the image below for Reel Charlie’s original review of Looking: Season 1.


Lost in Music battle

December 9, 2016

Yesterday I posted an update to Reel Charlie’s review of Looking: Season 2 including a nod to what I consider one of the greatest scenes ever in television – The Lost in Music in The Promised Land outdoor dance extravaganza. Today I’m wondering which remix of the classic Sister Sledge song, Lost in Music you like better?

The classic Sister Sledge – Lost In Music (Nile Rogers/Bernard Edwards Remix) Atlantic Records 1979, 1984?

Or the funkified, updated Sister Sledge – Lost in music (Dimitri from Paris remix)?

Looking: Season 2 (take 2)

December 8, 2016

Watching Looking: Season 2 after (finally) seeing the perfect finale film makes so much sense. Click on the image below to read Reel Charlie’s updated original post. And watch my favorite scene, Lost in Music at The Promised Land to see why it’s one of the best scenes ever in television.


Looking: The Movie

November 23, 2016

looking-movieFinally the series finale to HBO’s Looking gets its disk release. Instead of releasing Season 2 and The Movie, they released a brand-new box set of the entire series which I was happy to buy from Wolfe Video on Blu-ray. Looking: The Movie turned out to be everything a fan of this glorious short-lived television could hope for. The dialogue felt as if it had been ripped from real conversations, the actors seemed genuinely thrilled to be reunited. The location shots took my breath away. Ah San Francisco – Queer San Francisco. Sigh. What a treat this turned out to be. I laughed, I shrieked, Patrick even shocked me with his new sex positive self. All the characters came together for Augustin and Eddie’s wedding. And the ending couldn’t have been better. No spoilers from me. Let’s just say it was an ending you would wish for your best friends. Love to the cast, crew, series creator Michael Lannan and director Andrew Haigh for making perfect television. I will cherish my Blu-ray boxed set and binge again and again. 5 out of 5.

Read Reel Charlie’s reviews of Looking: Season 1 and Season 2.
9/17/2018: Even better the second time around. Sublime. Nuanced. Realistically romantic. Looking: The Movie’s got it all. One question: Doris didn’t get her own series because…? Love, love, love this series.

Looking: The Movie – Cast Featurette (HBO)

July 9, 2016

HBO releases a sneak peek from the cast and film for the series wrap on Looking. Click to see the featurette.

Looking: The Movie premieres Saturday 7/23 at 10PM on HBO.

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