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December 3, 2017

Suspect: Cher, Dennis Quaid, the 80’s. What’s not to love about this minor Cher film co-starring the adorable if not one-dimensional Dennis Quaid? She’s an assistant D.A. in Washington DC. He’s a lobbyist for the dairy industry. Sexy yet? It’s Cher and Dennis Quaid. The plot is irrelevant. I’ve always liked this film. Probably a bit more than it deserves. It’s got 80’s written all over it. Still it’s Cher. And Dennis Quaid is the only actor who takes off their shirt during the film. Someone was paying attention. There’s courtroom suspense, there’s Capital Hill drama. There’s a happy ending. Some of you might want to give Suspect a 3. I give it a 4. It’s Cher for chrissakes. Can I hear a hoah! 4 out of 5 for Suspect.


Prison Break: Event Series

August 9, 2017

A lot has changed in the twelve years since Prison Break premiered on Fox in 2005. American television kept climbing until the best industry people take time to create phenomenal series truly elevating the medium to an art form. Which makes it more and more difficult for me to watch mediocrity. I loved the escapist comfort food of Prison Break back in the day. The series took me out of my world and allowed me to spend time… well if truth be told, I spent time fantasizing about a threesome with Dominic Purcell and Wentworth Miller. Fast-forward 12 years. Dominic Purcell is still broodingly masculine. Wentworth Miller got a little closer to my reality by coming out of the closet. And my taste in television got a lot more sophisticated thanks to the dearth of outstanding choices from streaming services, premium cable channels and even a few broadcast shows. Too bad the new incarnation of Prison Break just doesn’t hold my attention. Dominic and Wentworth are still sexy as all hell. But I need my eye candy with a sophisticated plot and outstanding writing. Golden Age of Television: you’ve spoiled me for the pretty boys. 2.5 out of 5. Next.

I Am The Ambassabor

July 17, 2017

Lovely, upbeat look at the life of Rufus Gifford, the U.S. Ambassador to Denmark from 2014 – 2016 during Obama’s last term. Gifford became a celebrity in Denmark and so the idea came to create a reality series around his life as Ambassador. During his tenure, marriage equality happened and so he wed his partner, veterinarian Stephen DeVincent in 2015. I Am The Ambassador covers the life and duties of Gifford as he warms his way into the heart of the Danish people. At a simple nine, 30-minute episodes for the combined two seasons, this series is easy to digest. You might learn a few things about being an ambassador. But mostly you will pine away for a simpler time when our U.S. President inspired people to go out in the world and partner with other nations as equals and to learn from their hosts as much as they gave. 3.5 out of 5.

50 Shades of Gay (2017) – Channel 4

July 11, 2017

An unfortunate title, Channel 4’s 50 Shades of Gay turns out to be a brief, compelling look at the progress made in Britain’s gay community since the repeal of sodomy laws 50 years ago. Rupert Everett wrote and presented this snapshot of how lives have changed since 1967. Remarkably, Everett manages to include older gay men, people of color, television actors, laborers, a lesbian community, a lesbian trans couple, Princess Diana’s former assistant and the former head of BP. Quite an impressive collection of diverse stories for 47 minutes. And Everett himself softens his persona in order to welcome the changes that have taken place allowing the viewer to decide which are positive and which may be troublesome. 4 out of 5 for 50 Shades of Gay. Watch it on YouTube.

Jackie: A Tale of Two Sisters

July 1, 2017

Well executed 44-minute documentary, Jackie: A Tale of Two Sisters chronicles the lives and intersection of Jacqueline Bouvier Kennedy Onassis with her sister Lee Radziwill. Lots of great archival footage and photos. Wanted more but for under an hour the producers told the story of the two sisters in a concise, clear to understand format. 3.5 out of 5.

The PrEP Project Ep 1: Pop!

June 26, 2017

Safer sex for gay and bisexual men in 2017 includes PrEP (pre-exposure prophylaxis). The PrEP Project recently released a very sexy series of videos aimed at men who have sex with men (MSM).

Watch Episodes 1-4 on YouTube.

2017 NYC Pride March: Watch it LIVE!

June 25, 2017

Historic! ABC 7 in New York City is broadcasting the NYC Pride Parade live for the very first time ever! ABC7NY is the broadcast partner of the 2017 NYC Pride March. From WABC NY,

WABC-TV is the official television partner and broadcast the 48th NYC LGBT Pride March on Sunday, June 25, 2017.

The NYC Pride March started in 1970 as a civil rights demonstration on the 1-year anniversary of the Stonewall Uprising. Today, it is one of the world’s best known LGBT events, with 350 marching contingents and more than 2 million spectators in 2016.

WABC-TV broadcasts the annual trek down Fifth Avenue from Noon -3 p.m. on Channel 7 and on its website, abc7NY.

Watch it streaming on ABC 7’s website.

Sense8: Season 2

May 30, 2017

Took my damn sweet time making my way through the triumphantly gorgeous insanity that is Sense 8: Season 2.

Sun Bak
Riley Blue
Wolfgang Bogdanow
Kala Dandekar
Will Gorski
Nomi Marks
Capheus “Van Damme” Onyango
Lito Rodriguez

San Francisco
Mexico City

Eight humans in eight cities around the globe connected both mentally and emotionally. We discover more about their origin in Season 2. More about Whispers and why they are being hunted. Some episodes are violent, some are corny, all are full of love. Sense8 breaks Sci-Fi barriers leading with love… friendship, romantic, familial, no matter what color, religion, gender, or sexuality. All are equal. All are full of love. I can’t stop thinking about this beautiful series. Sense8 continues to be flawed, but that’s part of its beauty. It’s busting through convention, experimenting with many different tools to tell their story. It’s contemporary, hip, sexy as all hell, nerdy, fun, dangerous, and dark with flashes of evil. These eight characters represent the future of humanity. We need to connect with others around the planet. Share what makes us unique and bond over what makes us the same. I’m excited to continue the journey hoping Season 3 will happen in 2018. Meanwhile discover, revisit, embrace Capheus, Kala, Lito, Nomi, Riley, Sun, Will, and Wolfgang streaming on Netflix. 4 out of 5 for their brave new world.



Hasan Minhaj: Homecoming King

May 28, 2017

I live for smart, poignant, LOL funny comedy. Hasan Minhaj is my new hero. He is my brown prince (that’s a play on a line from his show). The Daily Show correspondent takes us on a journey through his life as the child of immigrants who love their adopted country and only want the best for their children. Imagine how topical Hasan’s show is right now. This minute. Nothing could be sweeter than watching this handsome, intelligent, hysterically funny man tell his life story. Run to your nearest device and watch this on Netflix. It’s must-see television for a #resist world. 5 out of 5 for the genius of Hasan Minhaj. Learn through laughter. #perfect

Veep: Season 1 (take 2)

May 27, 2017

Check out my updated review of Veep. I get why so many love it. It’s still not my type of humor. But I get it. Congrats on being renewed for a seventh season. Click on the image below to read Reel Charlie’s updated review.

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