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Maurice: my favorite scene of all-time

November 16, 2014

mauriceImagine the first time you ever saw two people kiss in a movie and swooned? Now imagine it’s 1987. Imagine spending most of your young adult life never seeing that image? Suddenly you go see a new film and there it is. I can’t even begin to describe the thrill I had watching Maurice when it was first released. Merchant Ivory took a huge leap of faith and it paid off. They adapted E.M. Forster’s secret novel (published posthumously in 1970) of gay male love among the classes in Edwardian England. Maurice remains at the very top of my favorite films. It is a perfect gay love story. It is also a perfect love story period. This 38 second moment with Maurice and Alec at the end of the film still makes me swoon. Favorite film scene ever.


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