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Philip Bahr works as Head of Adult Services for Fairfield Public Library located in Connecticut, an hour outside of New York City. Philip’s passion for film and television began as a child where he spent Friday nights with The Partridge Family and yearly visits with The Wizard of Oz and White Christmas. Subsequently, he discovered L.A. Law and The Golden Girls in the 80’s and the world of film through Kim’s video in NYC during the 1990’s. A move to the Hudson Valley in 2000 laid the groundwork for his complete immersion into all things cinema when he worked for one of the last great independent video stores, Alternative Video in Kingston, NY outside where he interacted with movie greats like Elmer Bernstein, providing research. He owes a debt of gratitude to owner Barbara Salzman who hired and mentored him for nearly six years, ultimately becoming a lifelong friend. After a stint in library school at Syracuse University’s iSchool, Philip joined Fairfield University where he managed the film and music collection for five years before his current position at the Public executing media collection development, part of managing the Adult Services department.

His creative passion continues through the blog, Reel Charlie where he reviews television and film with an emphasis on LGBT cinema. Favorite filmmakers include Pedro Almodovar, Robert Altman, Andrea Arnold, Rikki Beadle-Blair, Cheryl Dunye, Stephen Frears, Eytan Fox, Lisa Gornick, Todd Haynes, Alfred Hitchcock, Nicole Holofcener, Merchant Ivory, Ferzan Ozpetek, Ventura Pons, Susan Seidelman, and Xavier Dolan.


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Reel Charlie is written by Philip Bahr whose taste usually steers clear of typical Hollywood fare. This blog primarily reviews films that have recently been released on DVD/Blu-ray/streaming and acts more as a memory jog than a vanity project. Television shows (U.S., and international) are also featured.  The decade tag refers to when the film was made, not the content of it. Spoilers are rare and alerted, and he never gives away major story arcs. Every time he publishes a new post, it reaffirms his love for film and television.

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